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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So, many years ago a girl named Tessa drove me around a Vermont farm on a tractor. Then I wrote a poem about it called "Poor Tessa, The Tractor Girl." And then H_NGM_N came out today with a fantastic new issue and included it in it. What luck that I love H_NGM_N and they love me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Northville Review was nice enough to publish my poem "Rolling", which is always nice. It's one of the oldest ones I have so it's nice to finally see it in (electronic) print. Thanks to Erin over there.

I don't usually tell stories about my poems, but this one's kind of funny. The poem itself is true - it really happened, although it's much funnier when I tell the actual story. You really need to see how my brother flailed his arms. Anyway, I used to use it as an example of how a poem doesn't have to rhyme when I was teaching in Paterson and the kids loved it. I had never sent it out anywhere, but the kids would tell me how much they wanted to see it in print so they could feel like they knew me before I was "famous." So I hope one of my old students runs across "Rolling" and I hope they've finished their homework.